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What can you do to determine if you need an emergency roof repair?

Jun 25


Sometimes, emergency repairs to the roof are needed because roof problems don't get better by themselves. Actually, roof problems will only get worse over time, particularly when there is water involved.

If you find a flaw that may cause harm to your home or business, it is likely that you'll need urgent roofing repair. Here are some warning signs to alert you to contact Toronto roofing professionals immediately.


Most likely, you'll require urgent roof repairs if:


  • Notice a leak in your roof

  • Find damaged or missing shingles

  • Flashing around valleys or chimneys walls, junctions between them, and pipe boots, elevated or failing

  • Arranging for a professional to visit immediately if you spot the signs of any of these problems could make a difference in the longevity of your roof and make repairs that could help you save thousands of dollars on roof replacement.


Let's have a look at each one and talk about the reasons why an urgent roof repair is essential.

Leaks in Your Roof

Leaks do not improve over time, they just get worse. Even if you only see a fraction of the damage, water damage could be quite serious. The water can get inside your walls and cause damage to the insulation and the boards that hold your home together. This could lead to irreparable damages that you might not be aware of until it's too far gone. Water can damage your roof and cause wood to rot and seep through your walls.


If you spot a leak, or even the symptoms of the leak, it's vital to call an Toronto roofing company for emergency roofing repairs right away.

Shingles that are damaged or missing

The absence of or damage to shingles can create a way for water to get inside your home. Water and other roofing materials aren't compatible, so your roof should be watertight. Moisture can cause serious harm to the structure of your house. In addition to active leaks that can let water into your walls or ceilings and floors, water can encourage mold and mildew growth. Mildew and mold can lead to serious health issues. It is imperative to replace missing, cracked or damaged shingles.


Flashing that isn't working or not lifting

Flashing is a light material mostly galvanized steel. However, it can also be constructed from different metals or other materials that help to divert water from areas that are critical to your roof. You'll notice it when the roof plane meets an vertical surface, such as walls or dormers. It's also used around the various areas on your roof like chimneys, vents and skylights.


Since its purpose is to divert water from these areas, it needs to remain intact. It can let water in your home if your flashing gets rusty, liftedor damaged.


Do you need emergency roof repair?

The roof could be leaking water. Cadillac Roofing should be contacted immediately for a free roof inspection. The inspector will examine your roof and offer solutions to save it from complete failure.




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